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425 Suspending Jerkbaits

$23.99  each

These will be available in many colors.  I plan on painting them according to customer requests, but I have started collecting a small list of very effective colors that I will offer soon.  Turn around on orders should normally be a week or two - I generally keep no completed lures on hand and paint them specifically for orders placed.




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Please note:  Actual colors and patterns may not be exactly as shown in photos.  Some colors appear darker in thicker baits and more transparent in thinner baits.  Baits with heavy salt may be less transparent than color samples shown. Each bait is hand poured to order one at a time and inspected for quality and appearance.  Please allow additional time for large orders. All prices are in U.S. currency.  Sorry, no international orders at this time. All sales are final, but I will do my best to make your order the way you want it.


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I will soon be offering a select few of these 4.25" suspending jerkbaits.  The blanks are styled after a Megabass 110 and are airbrushed one at a time with details fine enough to attract the finickiest of bass.  The pictures shown here are some the early versions from 2013. This year's patterns are incredible and much better than the ones shown here now. Better pics on the way soon!




These jerkbaits are balanced to suspend and slowly float, depending on the temperature of the water you're fishing.  If the water temperature is making them float too fast, I recommend adding some suspend dots to the bait. Suspend dots will also make these baits slowly sink instead of slowly rise.





These jerkbaits float with a 45 degree nose down attitude - the perfect presentation for a suspending jerkbait.





They are loaded with Mustad KVD Triple Grip treble hooks, stainless steel O-rings, and a finish just short of gorgeous.


Click on the photos for a larger view.


The Amber Shad is just about the perfect pattern for all waters. The top of the bait is a medium brown with layers of gold. The bottom of the bait is a pearl white and the bottom of the tail has a touch of chartreuse.



Purple Passion is another very all around good pattern. The back is a pearl purple that transitions to a dark purple on top of the head. The bottom is white with a chartreuse tail.



The White Shadow is a solid performer. Contrasting dark top that blends into a bright white belly.  Silver sides with a touch of gold on the gill plates and the bottom of the tail.



The Raider Hater is a solid colored bait with a silver belly and dark black top. Excellent realistic shad pattern almost everywhere.



Gonzo is a purple beast. Chartreuse tail and silver bottom. The top of the bait is a dark violet color at the front of the bait.



The Crystal Blue Shad is a transparent blue bait with a hint of silver on the sides and bottom. The top of the bait transitions from a pearled black head that goes to a pearl colored tail. Absolutely full of transitional colors in the sunlight.



Blue Silver is a solid colored bait with silver on the bottom transitioning to dark blue and pearled black across the back of the bait. A red gill stands out with the big pearl black kill dot along the sides.



Blue Ice is a clear blue bait that has a holographic flaked base. The bottom of the bait has a hint of silver and the top of the bait near the head is dark. In lighted situations, the bait is very clear showing off the blue and silver colors. Low light situations the bait appears dark and realistic. In medium light, the holographic glitter shines and reflects blue and aqua colors. Holographic flake does not photograph well - picture does not do this color justice.



The Hawkeye Chub is a dark yellow and gold bait.  The bait is solid colored with a chartreuse and yellow bottom of its tail.  The throat of the lure is bright yellow and the belly is a cream yellow color with holographic glitter. This bait is an excellent bait for many water clarity conditions - it's realistic and brightly colored all at the same time.



The Grasshopper is a variation of the popular root beer color, but with more hints of green and gold flake throughout the bait. The bottom of the tail is bright chartreuse and the belly of the bait is bright pearl white. Another very realistic and bright pattern for most water clarity conditions.



Rusty is a loyal retriever. Throw it out and he'll bring the the bass back to you. He has a touch of chartreuse on the bottom of his tail and a white belly. Shades of purple and amber throughout the top of the bait. 



Plum Crazy is a great lure on cloudy and overcast days.  Lots of subtle color will attract the big ones. A bright chartreuse tail with a white belly will set off the bass from many angles.



Most of these jerkbaits are available in a solid and a clear version. The clear baits like the Clear Plum Crazy work better in well lighted conditions, such as a sunny day when the bait moves through the shadows into the light.  Both of the Plum Crazy versions are solid performers.



The Premo Perch is a great bait that imitates many different bait fish in many different areas of the country. The belly on this bait is a cream color that resembles the belly of many varieties of sunfish.



The Clean Green is a great sunfish imitator as well, with a cleaner look than the Premo Perch - white belly and bright chartreuse tail will attract the bass in many different water clarity conditions.



Wuzzup Shad!  Great bright pattern for dirty water conditions. Lots of color and a lot of contrast with a bright blue top (including striped pattern in different shades of blue), a darker top of the head, and a bright white belly. Rock solid pattern!



The Shady Lady is an all around useful perch-like pattern. Chartreuse tail with lots of color for many water clarity conditions. The Shady Lady also boasts a silver belly and a contrasting dark head.