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Square Bill 1.5

$18.99 each

These will be available in many colors.  I plan on painting them according to customer requests, but I have started collecting a small list of very effective colors that I will offer soon.  Turn around on orders should normally be a week or two - I generally keep no completed lures on hand and paint them specifically for orders placed.


A few patterns will soon be shown below They will be similar to the 2.5 shown, just a smaller version.  Click on the photos to view.



Amber Gill

Natural pattern with a holographic pattern beneath a chartreuse and gold color, with a blue and red detailed gill plate.

(photo shows a lot of flaws, but still a very good looking bait)







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The Square Bill 1.5 will be coming soon.  I just got some blanks in and I'm in the process of testing out some patterns.  They will be available in the same color patterns as the Square Bill 2.5 crankbaits, as well as available for custom patterns.




These crankbaits will also have stainless steel O-rings and #6 Gamakatsu EWG hooks.




Total Order Amount


Up to $50.00


$50.01 - $75.00


$75.01 - $100.00


$100.01 - $150.00


Over $150.00



Please note:  Actual colors and patterns may not be exactly as shown in photos.  Some colors appear darker in thicker baits and more transparent in thinner baits.  Baits with heavy salt may be less transparent than color samples shown. Each bait is hand poured to order one at a time and inspected for quality and appearance.  Please allow additional time for large orders. All prices are in U.S. currency.  Sorry, no international orders at this time. All sales are final, but I will do my best to make your order the way you want it.


Please email me at if you have any questions, have additional requests with a particular order, or if you have any problems with placing your order with PayPal.


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