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Most of the Pondbuster baits are unique, original and one-of-a-kind designs.  Each one of our original designs was created for anglers that want the advantage of offering pressured bass a different and very effective pattern. Pondbuster original baits can give you a serious edge on pressured waters!


Many small bait companies will sell you a variety of baits that are made from stock molds that anybody can buy.  We offer a few baits that can be found elsewhere, but we take pride in the fact that most of our baits are original designs and can only be found here!


All of our baits are hand poured one at a time and all of our jigs and weights are hand painted one at a time, with several coats of paint and finish.


You buy and try everything else out there... you might as well try Pondbuster!






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Pondbuster started years ago when I was making my own topwater poppers for catching bluegill on a flyrod.  I couldn't get over how cool it was to make my own lure and actually catch a fish on it.  I still paint and tie my own bluegill poppers - the ones I make now are so much cooler looking than those old ones from years ago.

Then I got hit by the bass club tournament bug.  After lucking into and winning my first little club tournament, I took the winnings I earned and spent it all on liquid plastic, coloring, flake, and silicone for making worm molds. I made a few molds to copy baits I already liked, but wanted to make something original, different, and something I could call my own.  I put together this website to show off some of the baits I was making, and the next thing I knew, people started asking for prices and even requesting different types of baits and custom colors.

Keeping up with the big bait companies is not what I want to do with Pondbuster.  I simply want to create or pour some baits that people like, and hopefully provide a few baits or colors that are unlike anything else out there.  When it comes to tournament bass fishing, I'm a full time co-angler, so throwing different stuff out of the back of the boat is usually my main strategy.

I'm not proud of the prices I sell my products for online, but honestly, I'm not even breaking even.  Just about every penny I make on this stuff ends up going straight back into buying more supplies and developing new baits.  I say "we" on this website quite a bit, but Pondbuster is simply me out in my messy garage pouring and making baits and lures.  I designed this website to look professional and attractive, but sometimes people get the impression that Pondbuster is a company with employees, an actual location, etc.   It's just me, pouring one bait at a time.... in my spare time.  I still have to go to the real job to pay the bills.

Thanks for checking out Pondbuster and good luck on the water!



Derek Baze

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Please note:  Actual colors and patterns may not be exactly as shown in photos.  Some colors appear darker in thicker baits and more transparent in thinner baits.  Baits with heavy salt may be less transparent than color samples shown. Each bait is hand poured to order one at a time and inspected for quality and appearance.  Please allow additional time for large orders. All prices are in U.S. currency.  Sorry, no international orders at this time.


Please email me at if you have any questions, have additional requests with a particular order, or if you have any problems with placing your order with PayPal.





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