DB's Triple-B Balsa Crankbaits

$39.99 - $59.99  each

Yes, these are not cheap. They are meant for the serious bass angler looking for something unique that outperforms other baits.  I'm currently not selling these crankbaits... I'm having too much fun making them and of course, testing them.



I have finally added a few new pics of this year's patterns.  Last year was a year of experimenting with a few different painting techniques... this year will probably be the year of the more realistic pattern as well as classic patterns to keep the old school guys happy. These baits keep getting better... many more to come before spring.


Green Holo-Shad


Gold FINger

Spring Classic


Lil' Hotty






Ugly Gill


True Blue


Green Perch


Faded Perch

Rusty Shad


Bleedin' Eye



Green Crappie




Stink Pickle


Green Gill


Golden Gill


Golden Perch

Iowa Gill



These patterns look very simple, but are simply incredible if used in the right water. The black spots with flake to match the color of the bait make for an awesome reactionary bite. Some of the baits shown in this category are shown with several different body styles that have changed slightly over the years.


Black Gold


Quila Sunrise

Brown Back Green Frog


Grape Shad

Blue Sparkle


Rude Bee

Joker 2

Yeller Belly Sunfish


Say Fire

Golden Green Sunfish

Splattered Sunfish







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I'm currently not taking orders for a while.  This year's patterns are looking to be the best I've ever done. Every bait I've been painting is almost always better than the one before it.  Be sure to like my Facebook page by clicking on the link above.  It's much easier to post pics of recent patterns, colors and baits in the works by posting them on my Facebook page.

I currently have about 90 balsa baits in the works and should be selling a select few online to the first people that want to pay for them (they are not cheap). I already have a list of people wanting to buy several, so 90 baits will probably go pretty quick... even at my prices.

Soft plastics will become a special order item... they are just too time consuming for a one-man operation. They are awesome, but I can't keep up with orders which is why I stopped selling them online. Email me at derek@pondbuster.com if you have any questions and good luck on the water!




The Triple-B crankbaits are crafted by hand one at a time.  I put a lot of time into making each bait for a simple reason - because they usually outperform most plastic crankbaits.  The prices are going to be ridiculous, until you see how well these crankbaits produce on the water (so don't ask how much until you sit down).  There is no plastic crankbait that can compare to a well-built balsa bait. From start to finish, each bait takes several days to complete.


Each Triple-B is carved out of approximately 80% balsa wood and 20% poplar.  The poplar is used to help balance the bait, as well as increase the life of the bait and components.  After they are carved and sanded, each bait is weighted and sealed.  After a few coats of sealant, the baits are primed and airbrushed, followed by another round of sealants to protect the bait.



  Square bill - perfect for fishing around most types of cover and structure. The Lexan bill is cut, polished and shaped by hand.

  Flat-sided bait with a slightly tapered tail.

  Airbrushed custom color on each bait.

  Runs relatively shallow - 1-3 ft. depending on water temperature and the speed of retrieval.

 Stainless steel components and high quality hooks (either KVD Mustads or VMC wide gap). 





Angled view of Brown Back Green Frog (made in 2012)


Here's a 6.5 pounder I caught on the first day of testing.  Caught this one on a Joker color.

These crankbaits go through a long process from a piece of balsa to a completed lure.  I'm not selling these cheap because of how much time and work goes into each lure.  I learned how to build these with a huge amount of experimentation and by reading and watching online videos.  If the price is too high - have some fun building your own and you'll see how much goes into these lures.  Catching a fish on lure you made yourself is an incredible feeling.  The very first bass I caught on one of these lures was a 10" dink and I was happy as could be that I caught a bass on it.  If you want to see more photos and video on how I build these lures, click here.






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Up to $50.00


$50.01 - $75.00


$75.01 - $100.00


$100.01 - $150.00


Over $150.00



Please note:  Actual colors and patterns may not be exactly as shown in photos.  Some colors appear darker in thicker baits and more transparent in thinner baits.  Baits with heavy salt may be less transparent than color samples shown. Each bait is hand poured to order one at a time and inspected for quality and appearance.  Please allow additional time for large orders. All prices are in U.S. currency.  Sorry, no international orders at this time.


Please email me at derek@pondbuster.com if you have any questions, have additional requests with a particular order, or if you have any problems with placing your order with PayPal.




These are the patterns from the first year I started making this style of crankbait. My painting skills have definitely come a long way since these were made, but these are some very effective patterns none the less.



Green Magic


Green Perch

Golden Gill

Green Reaper

Mud Mucker

Green Sunfish




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